Indonesia-Tanzania Business Meeting


January 26, 2021

“Indonesia-Tanzania Business Meeting”


Jakarta (Tanzanian Honorary Consulate – Indonesia), January 26th, 2021

As an initiative to stimulate and increase economic opportunities between Indonesia & Tanzania, Tanzanian Embassy to Indonesia and Tanzanian Business Authorities, together with Tanzanian Honorary Consulate in Indonesia, held a business meeting event to promote business and trades between both countries, endorsed by the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KADIN), on January 25th 2021 via online video conferencing platform.

The participants interested in the event were more than 130 people, and the event was attended by almost 90 attendances where mostly were Indonesian business entities that expressing their interest in exploring any opportunities relevant to their businesses.

Moderated by Mr. John M. Mnali (Director of investment Promotion of Tanzania Investment Centre), the event began with a welcoming speech by H.E. Dr. Ramadhani K. Dau (Tanzanian Ambassador to Indonesia), and followed by an opening remarks from Mr. Jhody Arya Prabawa (Tanzanian Honorary Consul in Indonesia) and Mr. Rosan P. Roeslani (Chairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & industry – KADIN).

One of the key point from this event was mentioned by Mr. Rosan P. Roeslani (KADIN) regarding the idea of making Tanzania as a strategic business hub for Indonesian export and import activities, and was also emphasized and elaborated by H.E. Dr. Ramadhani K. Dau (Ambassador) in his closing remarks during the event.

The event was successfully conducted based on the participants response in filling-in the business directory form, and the request to have further informations on the list of available potential commodities and investment sectors presented by the Tanzanian Business Authorities during the event. Tanzanian Business Authorities were represented by Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TANTRADE), Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA), and many more.

The Tanzanian Honorary Consulate in Indonesia will be conducting a similar event in February or March 2021, segmenting Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs as a follow-up of the previous event.

Written by: Dhiti I. Prabawa

(Source: Tanzanian Honorary Consulate Indonesia)

AHCI is a member of FICAC 

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